Retro Console Repair

Our team will repair your retro consoles.  This includes new capacitor replacement and additional services as needed.  This includes Nintendo, Sega, NEC, Atari and many more.  


Retro Console Modification

Looking to do an HDMI mod or RGB mod to that retro system?  Need the ability to play backups to save those old discs from being scratched up?  Myretrofix offer's many modification services for all your retro needs - DCHDMI, HI-DEF NES, Ultra HDMI, RGB mods and many more.


Game, Contoller and Console Cleaning

Consoles getting a little dirty?  Dust bunnies building up?  We will clean and make your console shine again!


Game Battery Replacement

We can replace the old dying batteries in your favorite games.  In some cases we can even save the save-states you may have on your games.  


General Retro Electronic Repair

Have an old CRT or Sony BVM/PVM you  need a repair on or other miscellaneous items? Please contact us for details on pricing and services offered.



Contact us for base pricing and an estimate